KARMA BEAUTY - Beauty salon in Maidstone.
Tailor made face care treatments , indulge in this luxurious skincare range, designed and targeted for your specific skin type.
Kaeso contains no Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils.
CALMING FACIAL - for sensitive skin contains White nettle- with softening anti-itching
& astringent properties
.Mulberry-to help & improve skin tone,moisturisation & microcirculation.
Pomegranate-a natural astringent & moisturising benefits.
HYDRATING FACIAL - for normal to dry skin contains Balm mint-anti-oxident & anti-inflammatory.
Cotton-moisturising & hydrating properties with anti-redness effects,
 Aloe Vera-moisturising & nourishing properties.
REBALANCING FACIAL-oily/combination skin.contains Willow Bark-natural astringent with anti-bacterial properties used to fight skin impurities.
Mallow-ultra moisturising properties cucumber-moisturising, energising, detoxifying & softening properties
.MINI FACIAL                                                                                £22-50
This treatment is relaxing & pampering, ideal if you don't have time for a full facial.
DELUXE FACIAL                                                                           £35-00
All the benefits of the mini facial with added luxury of a facial massage that will let you 
drift into a world of relaxation.
Eyelash tint                                                                                     £12-00
Eyebrow tint                                                                                   £8-00
Eyebrow tint & eyebrow shape                                                     £15-00                         
Eyelash & Eyebrow tint                                                                 £18-00
Eyelash, Eyebrow tint & brow shape                                           £25-00
THREADING lip/eyebrows                                                          £ 8-00
LASH LIFT                                                                                    £30-00 £35(WITH TINT)
DEFINED BROW(7 steps to acheiving a beautiful brow)        £30-00                                                                  
(please note-patch test required 24 hrs prior to tinting or lifting)
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